Bev Dixon for Keller ISD Board of Trustees, Position 5 is an easy choice.  I know Bev personally and professionally and she is passionate and committed to our students, parents and Keller schools. I’ve been fortunate to serve under her while she was PTA President for Willis Lane Elementary and worked with her on numerous school and Girl Scout events. As a parent of young children, Bev is especially sensitive to the concerns of parents, knows our district and what is needed to continue making Keller ISD one of the best districts.  For all of these reasons, I hope you’ll join me in giving Bev one of your votes for school board representation on May 6, 2017.  Vote Bev Dixon!

Kathi Glasscock

Bev Dixon joined the Willis Lane Elementary PTA Executive Board when I served as President in 2011.  She shared new ideas and was willing to participate on many PTA related projects.   I fully respect her leadership skills, intuitiveness and initiative to get things done.   She makes the effort to understand issues related to our schools and community.   I am proud of her service to our Country, and I know she will serve on the KISD Board of Trustees will our childrens’ best interest at heart.   Please join me in supporting Bev Dixon’s candidacy.


Juri Marsh Roberts

WLEPTA President 2010 – 2012

It is my privilege to endorse Bev Dixon for Keller ISD school board. Bev is much more than a committed community volunteer.  She is a fierce advocate for our schools, our teachers, and our children. I have enjoyed serving on several school district committees with Bev – not just PTA, but also Campus Education Improvement Committees (CEIC) at two different schools, and Keller ISD Education Foundation initiatives. Bev brings a unique and critical perspective to the table. Her history in leadership is obvious, and when coupled with her passion for education, she is an unstoppable force.  Bev is a personal friend, a neighbor, and a fellow school parent. Our family supports Bev because she is unaffected by special interests, and is purely motivated to maintain and reinforce the standard of excellence for our children. Bev is a leader of leaders and is widely known among her peers for her integrity. Do not miss the opportunity to support Bev on the ballot.  Our kids are depending on it.


Shauna Wright

KISD parent,  Community volunteer, Business owner

I strongly support Bev Dixon’s candidacy for a School Board seat. Bev and I have worked on a couple different committees together. (Community Ambassadors and CBAC)

She has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational skills, as well commitment to getting things done in a timely manner without compromising excellence. She is a great team player and is open to new ideas. She is well informed on school issues and today’s evolving and complicated challenges. She brings critical thinking and thoughtful recommendations for effectively solving problems while also listening attentively to all voices before making her recommendations.

I know she will serve on the KISD Board of Trustees with our children’s and community’s best interest. I am proud to support Bev’s candidacy.


Terri Delisle

KISD CBAC Committee Member/KISD Community Ambassador


I recommend Bev Dixon for the KISD Board of Trustees having served with her on the KISD Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) for the last few years.  CBOC was established following the overwhelming community support for the bond package in the November 2014 election.  Bev, I, and several residents volunteered to serve on CBOC with the goal of ensuring our tax dollars would be spent appropriately and serve the students of KISD effectively.

In general, the oversight component was made easy based on the professionalism of KISD’s dedicated staff and selected architects and engineering firms, all of whom had pro-actively examined options or questions that came up for discussion during CBOC meetings.  However, the one time I recall a significant change in plans that came directly from a citizen was from a potential entry/exit safety concern raised by Bev Dixon.  Bev raised a scenario based on the presented blueprint and suggested that it could be reworked with some minor modifications to the office design with no adverse effects to the budget or overall functionality.  In the end, her suggestions were incorporated, and the plans were reworked– a win-win for taxpayers and students.

CBOC meetings are almost always in the evening and usually stretch on easily for a couple hours.  Having gotten to know Bev Dixon over the years of serving on the committee with her, I have been impressed by her dedication, analytical ability, and professionalism.  Bev has quietly put in many hours serving KISD on CBOC through regular attendance of meetings, construction site visits, and volunteering to take on additional responsibilities like serving on an interview panel to help select the best professional firms for certain projects.  She has clearly demonstrated the skill sets required to be an effective fresh voice on the KISD Board of Trustees.

Matt Strong