Fiscally Conservative

Keller ISD has consistently been recognized as a fiscally conservative and transparent school district. Bev served on the school district's Citzen's Bond Advisory Committee where she, with other citizen volunteers, listened to the district's needs and worked to craft a bond issue that would earn the public's support. After the bond was passed by the voters, Bev continued to serve, and in fact is still serving today, on the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee, to ensure that the bond funds are spent frugally to best meet our school district's needs.

A Recognized Volunteer

After serving our country in the armed services for over 20 years, Bev has been volunteering for Keller ISD in various capacities since 2011, both at the district level and at the schools that her children attend.

A Concerned Parent

Who better to help guide our school district than the parent of current Keller ISD schools? Unlike other candidates for school board, Bev's children currently attend Keller ISD schools, and the decisions of the board will directly affect her and her family just as those decisions will affect you and your families.
  • Bev with the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee, touring projects funded by the 2014 bond.